Lost World

Once we conquered all corners of the earth and we built civilizations, we consumed the land and its resources. We also destroyed it by burning the soil, cutting down the trees, poluting the rivers and killing other animals (or living beings) which are important to maintain the balance of the world’s food chain. By destroying them (the nature and living beings), we weakened their capability of reconstitution.

The more advanced we are becoming, the more weakened the soil is becoming. You may ask me the why and the answer lies in front of you: Our (almost) unfair system called capitalism, which needs (much) poverty to be sustained. To one be rich someone must be poor, and you can see that in industrializating and “poor” countries. Most of them do not have a fair and concious population. It does not mind to throw away garbage to the ground. Someone must be poor, but noone wants to be poor (Paradoxal, is not it?), and this controversy leads to what Karl Marx stated as Class Conflict.
At least in capitalism there is a middle class. But, one thing is fair: The Effort makes the man. In socialism, even if you effort too much, you will be at the same social stratum than anyone, and this is unfair.
But what is a fair system? First we need to understand that fairness involves power, and power involves will. Do not mistake being fair from making justice, though making justice recquires to be fair. The will of a man is to do everything to his favor, it is autonomous of him. Every human being has their immediate needs, their interests. When his will is universal (Aiming at the general will), he begins to be fair. When his actions involve power from many, that is, the power gave to one from many people to one rule over them or Locke‘s Social Contract, the will must be to the State and the ends of making justice will justify the ways of reaching it.
Applying to ordinary men, they reach the fairness, and the justice is a role of the State. Fairness is not reached by the state, but by the people; because the people create the state and elect the leader.


Out of date, but ahead of its time.


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